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This Support Package allows you to get :

  • Answers to your questions

    …on the DVD, the E-Book or any sustainable technology subject

  • Support, tips and answers

    … to help you out while you build your own greenhouse or any other similar project

  • Exclusive contents

    …such as videos on upgrades and updates, additions, improvements and our upcoming projects

  • Access to our network

    ….find resources and people to help you plan your project and build your greenhouse!


    We reinvest all the profits in R&D to create new kinds of greenhouses, garages and off-grid or self-sufficient houses. No expenses: strategic investments!

Why SAFE Support?

When we created and published the Greenhouse of the Future DVD and e-Book, we did not want to put it on the market then do something else. Our goal was to create strong relationships with you and take part in your personal project in your best interest, even remotely. We want to work with you to improve the model. As interesting as it is now, it can and will be improved with your cooperation. Together, with more and more motivated people, more and more fresh ideas, we will soon have sustainable self-sufficient greenhouses and buildings being built and lived in.

Our support has been designed so each and every one of you can build on and complete the knowledge base included within the DVD and e-Book. Your project must be adapted to its surrounding landscape and your specific environment and needs. Our goal is to give complete answers to ALL your questions in a personalized way, hand in hand with you, with tips for your approach! 

Above all, we want to create a self-sufficient community! For example, other experts, better qualified in specific fields may answer you. They could also complete our answers for specific situations. Those answers may even improve our design! We know all of you have lots of great ideas. We urge you to interact with each other and speed up mutual aid and future projects evolution.

SAFE Support has been put in place to answer your questions and concerns. We will support your usage of the contents. Kind of a very luxurious after-sales service that invests in the future of the project!

With each purchase, you get free months. After, if you need it, you will be able to purchase a subscription to the SAFE Support by clicking here