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Prices include shipping and handling fees to Canada, to the United States and to the countries of the European Union. We currently do not ship the DVD outside these territories. The delivery will be offered to other geographical areas for additional costs once The Greenhouse of the Future DVD will officially be released.


The Greenhouse of the Future determines the amount of taxes to be charged in accordance with the address submitted for the delivery. Orders to be sent to the United States or to Europe are not taxed. Those to Canada will be taxed in relation to the applicable taxes specific to each province; e.g. in Quebec, the QST (Quebec Sales Tax) and GST (Taxes on goods and services) will be billed.


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Return Policy

Our products are new and are warranted to be free from defects in material. The Greenhouse of the Future undertakes to exchange or refund a non-functional DVD, provided that it is returned in its original packaging with a proof of purchase from within 10 days following the date of reception.

Return costs will be fully repaid and the exchange will be made upon receipt of your package. If you want a full refund, we guarantee that it will appear on your credit card statement within 24-72 hours, depending on the reception date of the returned package.

Important: Considering the fact that DVD players vary from one territory to another, The greenhouse of the Future DVD © accepts no responsibility for any consequences which may occur as a result of an order mistake on behalf of the client. For example, if a European customer buys a North American version of the DVD, he will not be able to read it on a DVD player sold in Europe. Please pay attention to the version of the DVD you order at the time of purchase.

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